CP-470-B Proto-Cinematic Production.

Our first project involving the concept of cave paintings really opened my mind to the origination of cinematic culture as well as some primitive depictions of the world to which these beings existed. It seems obvious that cave paintings consisted of what was generally important to the beings that created them, I.E. bison, lions, animals of the sort.

To take this notion of a cave painting and create something symbolically modern out of it is challenging because what is important to our society is blasted out into the internet for everyone to see at anytime. Well, this got me thinking about our current societal norms for which we share information about what is relevant to us. Most modern beings will post about what is important to them on a social media site or other file sharing website to which they choose.

For my project I am going to take the notion of modern day digital posts about our lives and confine it to some nuances that should mimic the latency of cave paintings. I like the idea of a file sharing network to facilitate the interpretation and medium of this project. My modern day cave painting will consist of a decentralized, peer to peer file sharing network that exists in the physical world we interact with. I will be accomplishing this through the utilization of USB Dead Drops.

A USB Dead Drop is when one removes the plastic housing from a standard USB 2.o flash drive, attaches files they deem important for the public to read but also do not want these files to out in the data-sphere (Internet) and then place these Dead Drops in physical locations in places where people could interact with them. 3 or 4 of these dedicated Dead Drop placements effectively creates a file sharing network, unbound by conventions of corporate social media conglomerates or file sharing hosts which enables the user to upload files which commemorate what is inherently important to them while interacting with the physical environment.

I have since gathered 3 USB 2.0 (8GB each) flash drives that I will dedicate to this network. All other periphery materials have also been acquired. I have to scout locations for the drops as well as map out their positions. I will document the process as I continue and present this to the class.

{EDIT}- – I have successfully planted each Dead Drop in a specified location. Each drop has been documented with photographs. The links below correspond to the subsequent Dead Drop with photographs and locations marked out on a map.

Link to the Dead Drop Manifesto: DeadDrops.com

Links to each dead drop:




“In an era of growing clouds and fancy new devices without access to local files we need to rethink the freedom and distribution of data.”

-Aram Bartholl


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